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Sample Case Results

It's not just the financial's the determined pursuit of justice​.


$5.5 million dollar jury verdict in accident involving a collision between two semi-tractor trailers trucks.


$1.6 million dollar jury verdict for a patron burned in a bar by a flaming drink.


$3.2 million dollar jury verdict in a medical malpractice case resulting from the failure to diagnose an infection in the mother which caused injury to the unborn fetus.


$800,000 jury verdict in a single vehicle motorcycle accident caused by improper roadway signage during road construction.


$800,000 settlement against two physicians for failure to diagnose an infection causing permanent damage to the victim.


$500,000 settlement for victim of a roof collapse which occurred during a church volunteer work day.


$750,000 jury verdict in a malpractice case where the victim lost her leg due to a failure of the doctor to recognize a circulation problem.


$750,000 settlement in a products failure of an auto door latch during a collision.


$650,000 settlement as a result of an auto accident where driver lost control of the car and hit a concrete bench injuring the passenger.


$400,000 settlement against a cardiologist as a reault of a failure to diagnose a pulmonary emboli leading to the death of Plaintiff's husband.


$300,000 settlement as a result of Plaintiff developing a subdural hematoma when assaulted by the Defendant. Both Plaintiff and Defendant were in their early eighties.


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